Monday, February 1, 2016

It's A Boy!

It's a boy and we couldn't be happier!!! We found out on week 15 or on November 23rd at Fetal Studio in Lehi.  Spencer and I took the day off because the appointment was in the morning.  When we first walked it, it was kind of a weird vibe that we got.  The doctor was from Lithuania and it was kind of hard to understand him... Spencer and I looked at each other and both of us were wondering what we had gotten ourselves into. 

Once he started the ultrasound took about 15 minutes.  It was really quick. The doctor walked us through showing us the baby's head and arms. At one point the baby was opening and closing his mouth.  Then the doctor claimed that he knew the gender just by the size of the head... I couldn't tell if he was joking or not so I may have given his a weird look. (I did think he was little interesting.) Once we got down to his bum, we both tell that it was a boy.  I was completely shocked. This whole time I was 100% sure that we were having a girl. It took me a minute to really comprehend that it was a boy. Spencer did a little fist pump when I looked over at him.  It was a really fun moment.  I am glad I got to share that moment with Spencer.

Baby J sucking his thumb.

That night we asked my family to meet us at a frozen yogurt shop in American Fork.  I couldn't wait to tell them the news.  When we got to the restaurant, my brothers were watching what color of spoons we picked out trying to guess the gender by our actions.  I wrapped up Hershey bars and colored the HE in blue.  We had everyone open them at once.  Everyone was completely shocked too because EVERYONE thought we were having a girl.  My brothers were so stoked.

The next day we drove up to Montana for Thanksgiving.  We had cupcakes ordered with blue frosting in the middle to surprise his family with.  We waited until Thanksgiving morning to tell everyone because Cailtin and Spencer couldn't get up to Montana until then.  The whole two days before that, they were trying to get us to spill but Spencer and I were strong and didn't give anything away.  Before we had everyone take a cupcake, we had them line up on sides based on what their guesses were.  Everyone except Spencer K and Boyd thought we were having a girl.  After, we had everyone get in a line and take a bite at the same time. They were all shocked as well.  It was a fun surprise! :)

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